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Film Maker Kuenne Puts Music First

October 15, 2012 In a recent article at film maker Kurt Kuenne brings home the point of just how essential musical scoring is in making a film. The following highlights from that article are especially relevant to successful film scoring.

Every film maker has a muse to provide creative impetus for their productions; however, Kurt Kuenne, director, screenwriter, cinematographer, editor and composer, may have one of the most unique.

"I hear the music for a scene first," Kuenne said. "For me, the music helps set the tempo and pacing of the scene. I will write the music for a sequence first, and then script out the action, based on the music."

This approach is quite evident in Kuenne's latest endeavor, Shuffle. The film's opening 40 minutes is a rousing prestissimo celluloid cantata that whirls the viewer through a chaotic, yet intriguing set-up. The film's second half is an orchestrated con somma passione largo that ushers the viewer into the spiritual world. This approach is distinctive, considering the musical score is generally added in a film’s post-production phase.

"I am inspired by actors and by music," Kuenne said. "Music and acting are essentially the same; they are different ways to tell a story. I like being an editor, piecing the story together, and I'm strongly attracted to sound design. It's an essential element to film."

Kuenne prefers full orchestrations for movies, rather than the simplistic style of a Clint Eastwood or John Carpenter soundtrack. When he scores, he does so for full orchestra.

Kuenne hopes viewer attraction for “Shuffle” continues to augment. It is currently available on, [] home video DVD and Blu-Ray. It is also available through GATHR, a service allowing people to request screenings at local theaters.

You can read the full article Music serves as muse for film maker at

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