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Epic Trailer Music

Production :: May 27, 2014

Trailer music is the background music used for previews of films, TV shows, video games, etc.  It is typically not from the actual film or game in which it is previewing. So the importance of this particular kind of music lies in the fact that is has to sell the show, movie, or game using its effective and proper sound.  A lot of time the same music, or derivatives of the music, is being used for several different films, etc. and they become familiar to the audience. You will end up hearing that particular piece of music or versions of it over and over again on just about every current trailer.  Using the epic trailer selection from SmartSound can give you the diverse and distinctive music you need.


Featured Epic Trailer Music

Dawn of Doom
The Torment of a Warrior
Connection Failure
Poignant Reflection
Kingdom Hearts

Dawn of Doom from the album Core Beyond is perfect for many different types of trailers.  This can be used for suspense, drama, or even some horror films.  With its orchestra sound it could also be used for a video game trailer.  Lately, video game trailers have almost been more graphic, intense, and exciting than a lot of the movie or film trailers.   The track The Torment of a Warrior from the Beauty and Strength album is another perfect example of epic trailer music that could easily be used to support an upcoming video game.   Both of these tracks use a slower tempo, but the way the orchestral sound builds, it creates a thrilling emotion that can easily be used as a cliff hanger trailer. 


A more cinematic track is Connection Failure from the Amotz Plessner & Friends Vol. 5 – Rise to Power album.  With the use of choir vocals, it becomes insanely forceful.  It’s obvious this would commonly be used for action films, but with the right creativity this would be perfect for a drama trailer.  Even a love story or tearjerker could use a little more of a powerful sound to build anticipation of a more apparent film setting.  The use of Poignant Reflection from the Beauty and Strength album could easily produce that anticipation.


A trailer is supposed to sell and what better way than using pure emotion?  It seems a little easier to get a tense, dramatic, forceful reaction with trailer music, so creating something with a more hopeful, heartwarming, and still epic sound would need something like Kingdom Hearts from the album Beauty and Strength.   This is a more steady track that has a very light ending to form that little bit of wonder and eagerness to see the film or show.


A trailer has to technically advertise the film, show, game, etc. using everything it can in the extremely small amount of time allotted.  Besides the carefully chosen scenes, the music is the most important element.  To reach the emotion intended, choosing the right music is imperative to the success of trailer and SmartSound has the perfect variety and selection.


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