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Production :: March 25, 2016

Earthy Royalty Free Music Earth Meets Sky -

You’ll feel the earth move under your feet with this fanciful assortment of Earthy Music. Score your scene with an earthy soundtrack and add elements of gentleness and passion with the music. Earthy music is a cinch to score to a documentary, nature scene, biography, wedding, tribute, memorial—the options are endless.

Get started with Hail to an African Queen from the album Orchestral Hues and get ready for a toe-tapping track that unites earth and sky. The richness of bass, tuba, cello and strings creates a delicate, ethereal tune with a fresh, gentle feel that’s light and tender. Another winner is Third Day and we think you’ll like the gentle bells and tender strings. It’ll add a delicate, dramatic, earthy sense of nostalgia, romance and uncertainty to your scene.

Magic Emotions
Magical Moments is an offering with haunting, mysterious and whimsical compositions sure to create an ideal mood for many scenes. Consider the track Emotional Journey if you’re in need of an atmospheric and eerily elegant melody that brings a sense of gentle mysticism. The orchestral arrangement smartly features celeste, piano and violoncello that bring an uncertain poignancy to this track. Majestic Vision is also a richly composed soundtrack with an expansive and inspirational feel. Its heartwarming and inspiring melody will enhance commercials, documentaries, short films—the options are endless. For a final play, skip over to the album Power Play and click Acoustic Delight and enjoy the earthy, gentle melody that strolls confidently alongside a country ballad led by a reflective acoustic guitar.

Whatever your need, we’re sure that SmartSound’s expansive royalty free music library has the perfect earthy music soundtrack for your documentary or project. Choosing the ideal tune can be as simple as a few clicks with our award-winning, patented music technology. Fans continually remind us that a SmartSound composition highlighted their production. Customize our music your way.