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Corporate Training Music

Production :: June 13, 2014

Let’s face it.  Corporate training films don’t always rank high on the interest scale in everyone’s mind.  Using a medium that’s supposed to be entertaining for doling out facts, figures and procedures disappoints our inner child.  But it has to be done…in real life, and for pretend, in the movies. SmartSound Corporate Training music stays lively and quirky, to keep the mind engaged and even happy enough to absorb some of that (dreary) material.

Featured Corporate Training Music

Steady and Ready
Rise to the Occasion
Fresh Strategy
Computing Pie
Lumpy Condor

Is that a xylophone I hear in Steady and Ready from Pop Culture?  Strumming guitar and funky bass back up the perky attention-getting highlights from flute and percussion instruments.  You definitely won’t sleep through this training film! 

From the same album, and equally unusual in instrumentation, Rise to the Occasion, keeps the suspense building for an important corporate announcement, with a subdued and cool edge.  Try variations Jump In, Opportunity and Change.

Determined Biz presents a Fresh Strategy for Corporate Training; keep them on the edge of their seats.  Electronic instruments warble with ever-changing energy, suitable for Science Films as well as Corporate/Industrial vehicles. 

Album On the Record wins the prize for Most Unusual Song Names.  Computing Pie sounds like a background for futuristic restaurant scenes, where meals are reduced to flavorful, nutrient-packed capsules for your dining pleasure and expedience.  Its pulsating binary-themed essence makes a great backdrop to high-tech material.

Who knows why composer Jay Brown, called his creation Lumpy Condor?  Is it in honor of a fantasy spacecraft armed with medium laser cannons?  Whatever the case, it turns out to be a catchy Indie-style corporate track featuring bright, shiny piano leads and a solid company communications accent.   Use it for On-Hold music as well as training. 

You can lead the revolution to keep Corporate Training Music lively and refreshing with SmartSound’s wide selection of sophisticated and witty entries.  We all learn faster when we’re having fun; this is the real secret…

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